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Our Accommodations for End Of Year 2023

As we embark on our longest trip of the year, we will be sharing a list of all the accommodations we’re staying throughout the trip.

This trip spans across 3 continents and 8 countries. It will take us a total of 96 days to complete. We hope that this list can help you in some way or another when you’re planning your trip too.

Best Credit Cards for Accommodations

As travel hackers, we always want to optimise our spending and earn the most number of miles per dollar spent. Travelling accommodations are no exceptions. In fact, it is one of our largest spending when we’re on the road. This can result in a sizeable pot of miles earned if we use the right credit cards.

These are our favourite credit cards to use to book rooms in hotels, hostels and Airbnb.

Credit CardMiles Per Dollar EarnedMonthly Spending CapOur ReviewApply
UOB Lady’s Card / UOB Lady’s Solitaire Card6 (Travel category selected, until 29 February 2024)S$1,000 (Lady’s), S$3,000 (Lady’s Solitaire)ReviewApply
DBS Woman’s World Card4S$2,000ReviewApply
HSBC Revolution Card4S$1,000ReviewApply
UOB KrisFlyer Card (Assuming S$800 SIA Group spend)3UnlimitedReviewApply

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