Front desk of the Blossom Lounge in Changi Airport Terminal 4.

Review: Blossom Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 4

Basic Information

The Blossom Lounge is the only Priority Pass-eligible lounge in Changi Airport’s Terminal 4. SATS and Plaza Premium jointly operate it.

Opening hours: 24 hours

Access methods
Priority Pass
Plaza Premium Lounge Pass
Pay-per-entry – S$54.96 per person for 3 hours

In our opinion, the best way to access this lounge is by holding the right credit cards. Check out our guide here on how to get access to thousands of airport lounges worldwide for free!


Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 is comparatively smaller than the other terminals. It is very easy to find the Blossom Lounge once you’ve cleared immigration.

The lounge is located on the Level 2 Mezzanine. To get there, you’ll have to first look for the escalators near iStudio.

Take the escalator up to the mezzanine level and you’ll find the lounge and food hall area.

Map of the Blossom Lounge in Singapore Changi Airport's Terminal 4.
Map of Changi Airport Terminal 4 Level 2 Mezzanine. Source:


General Environment

There are various distinct sections within the Blossom Lounge.

Nearest to the food counters, you have normal sit-down tables for food consumption. As you move inside the lounge, you’ll find single cubicles which offer more privacy for guests.

Standard sit down tables in the Blossom Lounge.
Sit down tables near the buffet counters.

There’s also a balcony area which overlooks the airport terminal below. However, during our visit, the area was closed and cordoned off to guests.

Private single cubicles which offers more privacy to guests.
Private single cubicles offer more privacy to guests.
Plenty of private cubicles for guests.
Plenty of private cubicles.
The lounge overlooks the airport terminal below.
Some private cubicles are on the balcony which overlooks the balcony.
Cordoned off area in the lounge.

When we visited at 10 am on a weekday morning, there are still plenty of seats available. However, as we stayed past 11 am, the tables near the food counters quickly got filled up and only the cubicles were left.


Food and Drinks

The food set up in Blossom Lounge is typical of other Plaza Premium and SATS-style lounges.

You have a buffet counter for general food options. There is also an ala carte menu for guests to choose their preferred food set. It is free flow and unlimited for both options.

During our visit, guests could choose between the Singapore Laksa or Vegetarian Noodles.

At 11:30 am, the food for the buffet counter changed from breakfast options to lunch options. The ala-carte menu, however, stayed the same throughout both sessions.

The Laksa tasted so good to the point where we got seconds for it. The hashbrowns and eggs from the buffet counter, on the other hand, was disappointing.

There is no lack of beverages available in the lounge. You’ll get a standard coffee machine, soda water dispenser and a wide selection of tea packets.

Coffee machine in the Blossom Lounge.
Various tea packets from the English Tea shop are available.
Tea packets from the English Tea Shop.
Toast machine with fresh slices of bread.

For alcohol drinkers, there are bourbon, red and white wines available too. Although it can’t compare with the sheer variety of drinks offered in the ANA Lounge in Tokyo Airport, I feel that the Blossom Lounge ranks very highly in terms of food and drinks in airport lounges.

Alcohol options in the Blossom Lounge.
Choices of alcohol.
Simple pastries like croissants and muffins.
Simple pastries like croissants and muffins.

There is even Udders Ice Cream (a popular local ice cream brand) available for guests in the lounge, although there’s only the dark chocolate flavour available.

Udders ice cream is available in the Blossom Lounge.


Massage Chairs

There are massage chairs in the Blossom Lounge, however, it is a pay-per-use service. I find that this is very stingy for a lounge that is already charging fairly high prices for each entry.

The chairs are located in a room separated from the general lounge area.

Shower Rooms

There are shower rooms for guests to take a quick shower during their long layovers. This is an amenity I never thought I needed but slowly came to appreciate it as I travelled more over the years.

Having a warm and refreshing shower can really make a long travel experience much better.

The shower room in the Blossom Lounge.
The shower room.

To access the shower rooms in the Blossom Lounge, you’ll have to get a queue number from the reception at the front desk. We’ll recommend getting a queue number as soon as you arrive at the lounge if you’re planning to take a shower. The wait can take quite a while, especially during peak periods.


There is complimentary Wifi for all guests in the Blossom Lounge. However, I wouldn’t consider it suitable for work purposes. Taking video calls is totally out of the question as it will struggle to give you a smooth connection.

Wifi speeds in the Blossom Lounge.

You’ll be much better off connecting to the free Changi Airport Wifi which offers much faster speeds.


The Blossom Lounge in Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 is a solid option if you’re flying out from the terminal. In fact, it will be the only option for most flyers. Due to the terminal’s distance from the other terminals, it’ll be hard for visitors to head over to the other terminals anyway.

Despite that, I think you wouldn’t be disappointed if you have to spend a couple of hours in the terminal like we did. The variety of food and beverage options is one of the largest we’ve experienced in our travels. My only hope would be that the quality of the buffet options be improved.

The seat options are also comfortable enough to cater to all sorts of travelers, regardless if you’re a solo business traveller or travelling with large families.

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