Regent Phu Quoc from the main dining restaurant

Review: Regent Phu Quoc

Regent Phu Quoc: Location

The Regent Phu Quoc is located in the up-and-coming Bai Truong area of Phu Quoc island. It is located about 20 minutes away from Phu Quoc city.

Regent Phu Quoc: Booking

We booked our stay at the Regent Phu Quoc using our annual IHG free-night certificate that comes with the IHG Premier card.

During the time of booking, each night was going for exactly 40,000 IHG points. However, this is highly dependent on the time of your stay as we’ve visited during the monsoon season which was considered off-peak for the resort.

A night here typically costs US$440 with taxes, so it’s an excellent use of our certificates.

Regent Phu Quoc: Check In

Once we arrived at the resort, we were immediately escorted to the check-in lobby. The moment we stepped into the resort, we could immediately the high standards of service provided there.

Check in lounge in Regent Phu Quoc.

Throughout the entire check-in process, never once did we have to go to a check-in counter. Everything was done in the lounge.

Check in lounge in Regent Phu Quoc.
Check in lounge in Regent Phu Quoc.

We had a personal check-in staff who attended to all the necessary paperwork. We were also given a welcome snack and drink which we’d always appreciate.

Welcome snacks at Regent Phu Quoc.

Regent Phu Quoc: King Bed Garden Pool Suite

We initially booked the King Bed Ocean View Suite which is the lowest suite category. Upon checking in, the staff notified us that they were upgrading us 1 level up to the King Bed Garden Pool Suite.

The main difference between the rooms will be the private plunge pool and the private garden beside the room.

Our bedroom in Regent Phu Quoc.

When we first entered the room, the grandeur of the suite immediately hit us. There are multiple doors to go through before entering the actual bedroom.

As we step into the bedroom, calm peaceful music filled the space which significantly boosted the ambience in the suite. This is something we hoped more hotels do!

The lounging area in our bedroom in Regent Phu Quoc.

As we explored the suite, our check-in staff meticulously went through every part of the room and its functionality.

The lounging area in our bedroom in Regent Phu Quoc.
The lounging area in our bedroom in Regent Phu Quoc.
The main walkway that leads into our room in Regent Phu Quoc.

Private Garden

Our Garden Pool Suite comes with its very own private garden and plunge pool. There were even a couple of sun beds for us to relax on. Although unfortunately, we did not see much sun throughout our stay as we visited during the monsoon season.

The private plunge pool in our room in Regent Phu Quoc.
The private sun beds in our room in Regent Phu Quoc.


The bathroom in the suite is one of the most modern and luxurious we’ve ever got. It is directly connected to the bedroom which makes the overall room appear much larger than it actually is.

The huge bathtub in our bathroom.

There is a large free-standing bathtub in the middle of the bathroom. The two opposing sides are his and her’s hand basins. On each side of the basin, there were gender-specific grooming amenities.

Above the bathtub, there are various selections of bath salts for guests to choose from. There is even a pillow in the bathtub for people who like to lie in the bathtub for a really long time.

In the suite, there are plenty of options to clean yourself. You can either choose to use the bathtub, the indoor shower or the outdoor rain shower.

The toiletries provided are from high-quality brands such as Acqua di Parma and Marvis.

In Room Bar Counter

The in-room bar counter is the most comprehensive and generous we’ve ever seen. Unlike the Conrad Maldives or any other typical hotel, EVERYTHING available in the bar counter is free. This included snacks, coffee pods, chocolates and even alcohol.

Welcome Amenities

As Platinum Elite members just by virtue of having the IHG Premier card, we were given welcome amenities at the resort. This has got to be one of the most well-presented and thoughtful amenities we’ve received.

We received fruits, chocolates and a bottle of white wine.

Regent Phu Quoc: Breakfast

Buffet breakfast at Regent Phu Quoc is available free for all guests. It is available daily at the Rice Restaurant and offers a great selection of Vietnamese and international cuisine.

There were various sections of food clearly demarcated for selection. They are pastries, salads, Vietnamese and international.

Final Thoughts

Regent Phu Quoc has got to be one of the best resorts we’ve visited the past couple of years. The impeccable customer service we’ve experienced makes us wanting to come back another time. Just before checking out, the staff even offered to give us a 2-level upgrade for our next stay.

As the property is new and only recently opened, many of the facilities also felt much more modern and clean.

This is a property we’ll highly recommend anyone to stay in without a doubt and we already can’t wait for the next time we’re back.

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