Journey into the centre of the Antelope Canyon

The Antelope Canyons is one of the most famous attraction spots in Arizona. Very often, these beautiful canyons are visited together with a trip to the nearby horseshoe bend. M and I visited the Canyons with our friends as part of our West Coast road trip in the summer of 2018.

The Antelope Canyons shot to popularity after a picture of it was sold at an eye-popping $6.5 million in 2014. Ever since then, flocks of tourists arrived at the attraction every day.

After chancing upon pictures of it on social media, we wanted to have a look for ourselves at this marvel of a creation. When we found out that this is located in the same town as the Horseshoe Bend, we immediately knew that we had to visit!

Exploring the Canyons

Visits to the canyons can only be done as part of an organised tour. We are not allowed to enter the canyons by ourselves. There are a couple of tour agencies that are providing tours to the area. For our visit, we went with the Ken’s Tours Lower Antelope Canyon company.

By booking a tour with a local company, you will be supporting the preservation of the natural environment. You’ll also be helping the local Indian community. We’d highly recommend Ken’s Tours from our experience with them!

Amazing curves at Antelope Canyon

Every tour is assigned a tour guide. They are responsible for your safety and showing you the best angles to take photos.

Due to the large number of visitors, we sometimes felt like we were being rushed. It was also a challenge to find “empty” spots where we could take insta-worthy photos. There was always the chance that other visitors will accidentally photobomb your picture.

Amazing curves at the antelope canyon tours!

The entire tour lasted about an hour. As we were inside the canyon’s slots, we were in the shade for the most part of the tour. This provided a much-needed respite from the scorching dessert heat.

Antelope Canyon Ladders

The ladders are one of the famous sights in the slots. These ladders not only allow visitors access into parts of the canyon, but they also prevent corrosion of the canyons.

Tour to the antelope canyons is not complete without seeing the famous antelope canyon ladders.

These canyons frequently encounter flooding due to its positioning. Remember to check with the company or the local authorities before planning your trip.

Fun fact: The curves of the canyons are carved by these flooding waters over the thousands of years!

How do I get there?

The Antelope Canyons are located in Page, Arizona.


The easiest and most affordable way to get to the Antelope Canyons is to drive there. The nearest major city will be Las Vegas. From Vegas, we did a 4.5 hours drive to Page.

Alternatively, if you want to drive less, you can consider flying into Flagstaff airport. As it is a smaller airport, flight prices might be more expensive as compared to flying into Vegas.

When to visit?

The best months to visit the canyons are between March and October. In summer when we visited, we had really good lighting. It was just really hot when we were out under the sun.

However, these canyons are open all year round. So fret not if you’re unable to make your trip within the stated window.

Upper Antelope Canyon vs Lower Antelope Canyon

When you’re planning your trip to the canyons, you’ll most likely encounter this distinction. The upper antelope canyon and the lower antelope canyon are actually located just 10 minutes apart from each other.

Upper Antelope Canyon is considered by many to be more beautiful due to its position and lighting. However, this also means that tours to the area cost a bit more and are more popular.

For our trip, we went ahead with the lower Antelope Canyon as we only booked on the day itself. To ensure you’ll be able to enter, make sure to reserve online before visiting! You can either reserve directly with the Tour Agency or find a tour at Viators.

As part of your trip to the Antelope Canyons, consider making the drive to nearby Zion National Park! We had a great time hiking and camping there in summer!

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