Trying out a barista course in Singapore

Review: CMCR Academy Coffee Barista Course in Singapore

An experiential barista coffee workshop in Singapore for beginners.

The best gift for a minimalist is a unique experience! For JS’s birthday this year, I surprised him with a Barista Course by Common Man Coffee Roasters Academy.

We both enjoy good coffee but have limited knowledge about it, so this seems like a good activity.

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After researching about the different barista courses in Singapore, most of them came across as too technical and extensive. I was looking for an experiential yet insightful workshop, so I went with CMCR Academy.

Not mentioning, I enjoyed brunch and coffee at Common Man Coffee Roasters so I’m confident about the quality of the coffee and curriculum. Let’s dive right into our experience!

Inside the beautiful studio of Common Man's Coffee Roaster Academy which offers Barista Course in Singapore.
Maximum capacity for this course is 4. Due to safe distancing, it was just us.
The hanger and display at the academy.
Common Man Coffee Roaster Barista Course located in Chinatown Singapore.


The Fundamental Barista Skills course is split into 4 different segments.

We first started with a short introduction to the world of coffee and espresso. We learned about the different types of coffee beverages and the theory of espresso. It was very interesting as we never knew that a few seconds in the espresso process makes a world of difference in the taste of the coffee!

Learning the equipment needed to be a true barista
Learning the different parts of the machine

After the lesson, we headed over to the gigantic machine where we got a chance to try making our very own espresso! I am in love with the beautiful white and wood exterior of this machine.

Tamping the grounded coffee
Tamping the grounded coffee beans!
Trying to make an espresso with the espresso machine
Fitting in the Portafilter
Espresso being released by the machine!

As both JS and I are not espresso drinkers, we definitely need to learn to make some milk coffee beverages. I love a cup of Flat White, while he usually goes for Black or Americano. I worked part-time as a Barista during my university days, so this definitely brought back some memories.

JS was surprised that the milk steaming process actually requires so much technique! We got to practice the milk steaming process multiple times before moving on to the next and final step.

Steaming the milk
Steaming the milk

The finale of the class was free pouring. It is kinda a preview to the next course – latte art, which we are looking forward to attending down the road.

We practised with water initially and when we went on to hot espresso and milk, it was really nerve-wracking as we did not want to mess up (both the coffee and our hands).

Free pouring our latte
The long pour
Our attempt at a heart Latte art
Attempt at making a heart

That concluded our lovely Fundamental Barista Skills course at Common Man Coffee Roasters. We felt that our instructor, Keith from CMCR Academy provided us with ample practice, demonstration, and guidance for each of the processes. We each received a certificate and a pack of Common Man Coffee Roasters coffee blend.

Information about the Barista Course we took

Name of Course: Fundamental Barista Skills

Price: $170 per pax

Duration: 2.5 hours (but we spent about 3 hours there)

For more information about the class, you can visit Common Man Coffee Roaster’s official website here. They offer many other types of classes other than the Fundamental Barista Skills course which we took.

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