Our travel plans amidst the pandemic

The pandemic happening around the world is probably what’s on everybody’s minds right now. With travel restrictions and movement controls, compounded with the devastating effects the pandemic has on the economy, travelling is probably the last thing that anyone wants to do right now.

Our travel plans

2020 was supposed to the year where M and I get to travel a lot and explore many new countries together. We’ve started planning for our trips since last year. Due to the worsening situation in Australia, we’ve cancelled our Melbourne/Sydney road trip in late March. I’ve also cancelled a Semeru hiking trip that I was supposed to be at right now with my friends from uni. Our upcoming trip in May to the Maldives has been postponed to a later date in the year and a summer trip to the Middle East is increasingly less possible.

Although it’s a real bummer that we are not able to travel during this period of time, we recognise that it’s important to stay at home to prevent the spread of the virus. With the sudden increase in available time at home, I’ve found myself with plenty of time and looking through our past travel photos and editing them. So I thought why not share them and recap our past travels.

Below is a short photographic summary of our trips in the US. I’ll probably be going through a more detailed write-up of specific locations and other countries!

I’ve first got to start off with New York, the place where we’ve met and spent a considerable amount of time in. We’ve visited countless places across the city and that’s where a lot of our memories lie.

New York Grand Central
Grand Central, New York

Outside of New York, there are several other states within the US that we have travelled to and really liked.

Vermont, a short hike with our friends.
Where Ben & Jerry’s was founded in Vermont!
Somewhere in Maine
A random lake that we stumbled upon in Maine.
The amazing Horseshoe band. Looks really grand and majestic in real life.
Antelope Canyon
The trip to Antelope Canyon was totally unplanned and spontaneous.

What’s next?

Over the next couple of weeks and months, I’ll continue to post more guides and photo journeys of our past travels. We are really hopeful that the current situation will end soon and we can all resume our travel plans for the year. We can’t wait for it and hope that everyone reading will find ways to keep yourselves busy at home till then!

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