Review: Thai Glam Studio, Thai Costume Rental Experience

If you’re looking for traditional Thai costume rental and photography experience, Thai Glam Studio offers a great and premium experience.

This post includes an invite from Thai Glam Studio. However, all opinions are our own.

Introduction to Thai Glam Studio

Thai costume rental is a popular activity among tourists in Bangkok. After renting traditional attire, many visitors head to Wat Arun Temple for an immersive photoshoot experience.

While researching online, we found Thai Glam Studio, founded by makeup artist, Jennie. She started as a freelance artist and in 2023, opened a full studio providing Thai traditional costume rental, make-up, hair styling and photography services.

All-Inclusive Package

Most shops around Wat Arun Temple offer à la carte services, such as outfit and accessories rentals. However, we chose Thai Glam Studio for several reasons:

  1. All-inclusive Package: This includes traditional Thai costume, 1 hour of makeup and hairstyling, all accessories (tiara, clip-on earrings, bangles, heels/shoes, and socks), and a one-hour session with a professional photographer with 300+ photos delivered.
  2. Comfortable Environment: The studio is air-conditioned, allowing us to get our makeup done comfortably. You wouldn’t want to be sweating in your make-up before your photography session.
  3. Hygiene Standards: Costumes are washed and steamed after each use, unlike some cheaper options that may only wash costumes after multiple uses. This was an important factor for us, especially considering Bangkok’s hot weather.

The cost is 2,500 baht for one person and 3,700 baht for two, excluding the 200 baht per person entrance fee to Wat Arun Temple. The à la carte rental for traditional Thai costume is 500 baht. There’s also an option to take photos outside the temple to avoid this fee but we recommend entering as there are more iconic photo spots.

The Styling Experience

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the staff and given a catalogue to pick our outfit colours. After changing, we had our makeup and hair styled. For accessories, we were offered gold and silver options. The accessories are of different sizes and for earrings, I opted for smaller earrings as it was more comfortable.

Additionally, I was given a matching bag and a traditional umbrella. Women received heels, and men were given socks and shoes, which significantly enhanced the traditional look. All the details make such a huge difference in the photo. We stored our bags in a locker in their studio before heading out for the photoshoot.

The Photography Session

We chose Thai Glam Studio primarily because of their impressive portfolio on Instagram (@thaiglamstudio), which showcased consistent, high-quality images. The studio uses premium camera and lens, evident in the quality of the photos.

Our one-hour photography session was efficiently managed, with the photographer knowing all the best spots for shots. We took turns with solo shots before taking couple photos at each location. After the session, we could explore the temple and take more pictures, but due to the scorching weather, we decided to head back to the studio. The latest time we can return the outfit is 6pm before the studio closes should we chose to extend and there are no additional fees.

After the session, we received all the photos immediately. They transferred the images using a dongle with an SD card, and they provided adapters compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

Tips for Future Renters

  1. Type of Package: Decide if you prefer à la carte or the full package option.
  2. Colour Theme: Have a colour theme in mind before arriving. We showed them a reference image from our phone, and they were able to pick it out for us right away.
  3. Innerwear: As the traditional Thai costume is a tolga, a strapless or removable strap bra is recommended.
  4. Make-up: If your skin is more sensitive, you can consider bringing your own beauty blender as they are not using disposable ones.
  5. Maximize Your Session: Maximize the full one-hour photography session and take your own photos after the session ends.
  6. Phone Storage: Make sure you have enough storage space to receive the 300+ images from the photographer if you’d like to have the photo immediately.

How To Book

If you’re looking for a unique and well-organized Thai costume rental and photography experience in Bangkok, you can contact Thai Glam Studio (@thaiglamstudio) on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

Our experience with Thai Glam Studio was exceptional, from the all-inclusive package and comfortable studio to the professional makeup and photography services. The attention to detail and hygiene standards met our expectations, making it a memorable experience.

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