Review: Cathay Pacific Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 4

While its food options and amenities could use improvement, the Cathay Pacific Lounge in Changi’s Terminal 4 provides a satisfactory escape for travelers seeking tranquility before their flight.

In the last few days of 2023, M and I decided to join our family on a short trip to China. For our departing flight, we redeemed 2 business-class flight tickets on Cathay Pacific from Singapore to Xiamen, transiting in Hong Kong for a couple of hours.

Because of this flight, we can access various oneworld business class lounges at Changi Airport and the Cathay Pacific Business Class lounges in Hong Kong.

Cathay Pacific specifically, is one of the few non-LCCs to fly out of Changi’s Terminal 4. As such, they have their own dedicated lounge in the terminal for their premium cabin guests.

Even though we’ve visited the highly acclaimed Qatar Airways Premium Lounge in Terminal 1 earlier and absolutely loved it, we had a bit of time to check out this lounge right before our flight.

This is our full review of the Cathay Pacific Lounge in Changi Airport’s Terminal 4.

Basic Information

The Cathay Pacific Lounge is open everyday 3 hours before the first CX flight departure until the last departure. At the time of writing, the first flight is CX710 daily which departs at 8am to Hong Kong.

Entrance to the Cathay Pacific Lounge at Changi Terminal 4


The Cathay Pacific Lounge is located at the Mezzanine Level, after security. After clearing security, turn left and look for escalators that lead you to the Mezzanine.

Map of Changi Airport Terminal 4

How do I access the Lounge?

Common Access Methods
Premium cabins with Cathay Pacific
Premium cabins with oneworld flights
Cathay Silver, Gold, Diamond members
oneworld Sapphire, Emerald members
Cathay Lounge Passes

The Cathay Pacific Lounge in Changi Airport’s Terminal 4 is categorised under Cathay’s Business Class Lounge category. This means that passengers flying on premium cabins such as First Class and Business Class will have access to the lounge. Passengers flying in premium cabins with oneworld airlines should also have access to this lounge.

In addition, passengers with status on Cathay or oneworld can access the lounge regardless of the cabin you’re flying on.

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If you’ve ever been to another Cathay Lounge, it will feel like a déjavu. The decorations in the lounge is filled with dark wooden tones and jade patterned tiles. For a place of relaxation within the bustling airport terminal, the decorations achieved it objectives with its inviting tones.

Entrance to the Cathay Pacific Lounge.
Walkway in the Cathay Pacific Lounge in Changi Airport's Terminal 4.

The lounge is split into 2 distinct areas, 1 with proper sit-down dining seats and another with lounging sofas.

Proper dining tables in Cathay Pacific's Lounge.

The lounging area overlooks the Blossom Lounge (one of our favourite Priority Pass lounges) on the other side of the terminal.

Lounge areas with plenty of sofas and chairs in the Cathay Lounge.

The lounge was noticeably empty as we were taking the last flight of the day. All the passengers in the lounge at this time were taking the same flight as us, so it was convenient for us to keep track of our flight timing.

Bar counters facing the parapet.
Long table for dining in front of the buffet counters.

Food and Drinks

Food and drinks is an important part of an airport lounge. We love it when we can have a complete and sumptuous meal before our long flights out of the country. The Cathay Lounge did not disappoint in this department, especially if you’re a fan of Cantonese Food.

Siew Mai
Wanton soup with noodles.

There is a counter where you can order authentic Cantonese food like Wanton Noodles, Har Gao and Siew Mai. Although the selection is not nearly as big compared to what you can find in the Cathay Lounges in Hong Kong, they are pretty decent.

Noodle bar area for food orders.

There is also a small buffet corner offering pasta, rice and chicken. I would have loved for a wider variety of food given that this is a premium lounge.


The lounge is pretty minimal when it comes to its amenities. There is a small business corner near the entrance with a couple of Mac desktops for guests to catch up on work or print documents.

These business corners have become less relevant today as more travellers have their laptops, but you’d never know when they might come in handy.

Final Thoughts

Cathay Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 4

Food and Beverage


The Cathay Lounge is decent airport lounge if you’re flying out Terminal 4 and have access to it. It could have done better in its food options and amenities offered. However, if you’re just looking for a place away from the typical hustle of the airport, the lounge does its job just fine.


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