Review: Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Class Lounge HKG

The Pier Business Cathay Pacific’s flagship business class lounge in HKG Airport. It showcases the best that the airline has to offer to its most loyal business class passengers.

If you are flying out of the airport, do pay the lounge a visit to get your last Cantonese Dim Sum fix.

In the last few days of 2023, M and I decided to join our family on a short trip to China. For our departing flight, we redeemed 2 business-class flight tickets on Cathay Pacific from Singapore to Xiamen, transiting in Hong Kong for a couple of hours.

Because of this flight, we were able to access various oneworld business class lounges at Changi Airport and the Cathay Pacific Business Class lounges in Hong Kong. In particular, we got a chance to visit the spectacular Qatar Premium Lounge in Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 and the conveniently located Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge in Changi Airport’s Terminal 4.

🍸 Airport Lounge (SIN)Cathay Pacific Business Class Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 4
🍸 Airport Lounge (SIN)Qatar Premium Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1
✈️ Singapore to Hong KongCathay Pacific A350-900 Business Class
🍸 Airport Lounge (HKG)Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Class Lounge
✈️ Hong Kong to XiamenCathay Pacific A330-300 Business Class

During our 4-hour transit in Hong Kong, we visited The Pier Business Class Lounge courtesy of our Cathay Pacific business class ticket. This was one of the best business-class lounges in Hong Kong and we were very excited to see what it’s got to offer.

This is our review of Cathay Pacific’s The Pier Business Class Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport.

Basic Information

The Pier Business Class Lounge opens from 05:30 to 00:30 every day. Unfortunately, this is not a 24-hour lounge. If you are connecting at the airport and arriving in the middle of the night, you’re out of luck and have to wait for the lounge to open in the morning like we did.

Cathay Pacific aircraft docked at the departure gate.
Plane spotting from the lounge.


The Pier Business Class Lounge is located at Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) Terminal 1 at level 6 near Gate 65. There is a similarly named “The Pier” for First Class passengers nearby, so take note to enter from the right entrance.

HKG is a big airport. Depending on where your flight is departing from, you might not have enough time to get to your boarding gate. Therefore, we highly recommend you buffer enough time if you’re planning to visit the lounge.

How do I access the Lounge?

Common Access Methods
Business Class / First Class Passengers with Cathay Pacific
Business Class / First Class passengers with oneworld flights
Cathay Pacific Silver, Gold, Diamond members
oneworld Sapphire, Emerald members
Cathay Pacific Lounge Passes

Cathay Pacific categorises The Pier Business Class Lounge as a business class lounge, and therefore it follows the airline’s standard business class lounge admittance criteria.

The easiest way to access the lounge is to either fly on Premium Cabins with Cathay Pacific or any oneworld alliance airlines. Alternatively, you can also access the lounge if you’re an elite status holder with Cathay Pacific or any oneworld alliance airlines.


Getting into the lounge was quick and easy. At the check-in counters, I flashed my boarding pass to the staff and they promptly ushered us in. As it was 5:30 am when the lounge just opened, we did not have to wait for check-in.

Check in to The Pier Business Class Lounge at Hong Kong International Airport.
Quiet and empty when we arrived at 5:30 am.

Once we entered the lounge, we immediately noticed how big and spacious it was. From the entrance, there was a long hallway that stretched to the other end of the lounge.

In line with other Cathay Pacific Lounges around the world, dark oak wood dominated The Pier’s furnishing and walls. We get a strong sense of tranquillity and peace within the walls of the lounge.

The parameter of the lounge faces several departure gates, allowing for some spectacular plane watching. It is also a great source of natural light during the day.

The are many different seating configurations available, from lounge sofas to dining tables.

Even though there were many seats, passengers quickly filled them as daylight broke. This is understandable as this lounge effectively services all of Cathay Pacific’s business class passengers.

Food and Drinks

The food and drinks offerings in the lounge are the star of the show of every Cathay Pacific business class lounge and this is no different. As our visit was early in the morning when the lounge just opened, a lot of food options were not available yet.

There are 3 distinct sections in The Pier. The Flavours of China, the Tea House and the Dining Hall, each with their unique food and beverages.

At the Flavours of China, you’ll find traditional Chinese food like congee, wanton noodles and Chinese Dim Sum. There is a counter with a menu that you can order your food from. This is similar to what we experienced at the Cathay Pacific business class lounge at Changi Airport.

Moving to the Dining Hall, we find many common international buffet foods like sausages, bacon and even pizza. There is also a pastry section where guests can select from a wide variety of freshly baked bread.

A barista cart in The Pier business class lounge.
Barista cart with an espresso machine.
Dim Sum from The Pier Lounge.

At the furthest corners of the hallway, we can find the Tea House. This is where you can pick up desserts and a wide selection of tea leaves.

The Tea House section in Cathay Pacific's The Pier in Hong Kong International Airport.
The Tea House


Nap Area

The Relaxation Room is where you can take a short nap before your flight. The area is intentionally kept quiet, with light background music playing.

Shower Rooms

There are shower rooms in the lounge for passengers to freshen up. Unfortunately, we did not get a chance to experience them during our visit.

WiFi Speeds

Be it catching up on emails or getting that last client call in, Wifi speeds are important to many business class passengers. Therefore, having a fast and reliable internet speed is important in an airport lounge.

WiFi speeds in The Pier business class lounge.

The internet speed in The Pier is fast and usable. Even though it’s not fibre optic level fast, you should have no problem trying to make video calls or even stream a couple of 4K video content on your devices.

This speed test is taken in the early hours when the lounge is at a lower capacity. The Internet speeds might vary significantly depending on the number of users at any point in time.

Final Thoughts

Cathay Pacific The Pier Business Class Lounge Hong Kong International Airport

Food and Beverage


The Pier Business Class Lounge is Cathay Pacific’s flagship business class lounge in Hong Kong and it certainly lived up to its expectations.

We enjoyed the wide variety of high-quality food options in the lounge. For passengers looking to grab a full proper meal before their flight, you’ll not be disappointed here, especially if you’re a fan of Cantonese cuisine.

The main downside to the lounge will be its crowd, especially during busy hours when it has to cater to all business class passengers in the terminal. However, outside of those hours, it can be a sanctuary of peace away from the busy Hong Kong airport.


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