Review: Qatar Airways Premium Lounge, Changi Airport Terminal 1

A luxurious and exclusive business class lounge, the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge deserves its praise as one of the best airport lounges in Changi Airport.

In the last few days of 2023, M and I decided to join our family on a short trip to China. For our departing flight, we redeemed 2 business-class flight tickets on Cathay Pacific from Singapore to Xiamen, transiting in Hong Kong for a couple of hours.

Because of this flight, we can access various oneworld business class lounges at Changi Airport and the Cathay Pacific Business Class lounges in Hong Kong.

I was very excited about this as I will finally have the chance to visit the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge at Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 (even though Cathay departs from Terminal 4). This lounge is considered by many to be one of the best airport lounges in Singapore!

This is our full review of the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge at Changi Airport’s Terminal 1.

Basic Information

The Qatar Airways Premium Lounge is open daily from 07:45 to 10:45 in the morning, and 18:00 to 02:30 in the evening.


The Qatar Airways Premium Lounge is located at level 3 of Changi Airport Terminal 1, after immigration. It is located directly opposite the popular Plaza Premium Lounge and right beside the Emirates Lounge.

How do I access the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge?

Access Methods
Business Class Passengers on Qatar Airways or oneworld airlines
First Class Passengers on oneworld airlines

The Qatar Airways Premium Lounge has a very strict access policy for premium cabin passengers only. You will not be able to access the lounge even if you have oneworld status or Qatar Privilege Club status.

Luckily, you do not need to fly on Qatar metal to access the lounge. You can access the lounge as long as you’re flying in a premium cabin in any of the oneworld airline partners, such as Japan Airlines, Malaysia Airlines or Cathay Pacific as we did.

If you’re interested in other lounges in Changi Airport, check out our ultimate guide to airport lounges in Singapore here!

How do I get from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1

If like us, you’re flying on Cathay Pacific and want to visit the Qatar Premium Lounge, you’ll need to do an “airside” terminal transfer to get from Terminal 4 to Terminal 1. Note that you’ll need to check in and get your physical boarding pass from Terminal 4 and complete immigration via Terminal 4. You might not be able to enter other terminals with your Terminal 4 boarding pass.

Once past immigration, head towards the “Transfer Lounge” where you can take a shuttle bus to other terminals. You’ll need at least 3 hours before your flight’s boarding time before the staff will let you take the transfer shuttle to other terminals.

From our experience, the bus ride between Terminal 4 and Terminal 1 is about 18 minutes, and buses come every 20 minutes.

Signages in Terminal 1 for the shuttle service to Terminal 4.

The Experience

The Qatar Premium Lounge exudes an air of luxury from the moment I stepped through the entrance. It’s unlike any other lounges (even the business class lounges) in the airport. Perhaps it’s because of my pre-conceived expectations of the lounge that I’m feeling this, but the lounge did not disappoint one bit.

Interior of the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge in Changi Terminal 1.
Lounge area near the entrance of the lounge.

The environment is generally dark-lit, with oak wood furniture dominating most of the decorations. When we visited at 10:30 pm on a Wednesday night, the lounge was very empty. There were only 4 other guests apart from us.

For a lounge that was built to house probably 10 times the capacity, it felt very exclusive for us.

Workstation and privacy pods.

Right as we entered the lounge, we could see a row of public-facing sofas and workstations.

More workstations.

Walking further in, there are plenty of proper sit-down tables and chairs for dining. The table placement of the utensils and flower decorations made us feel as if we were in an upscale restaurant instead of an airport lounge. There was none of that hustle and bustle you would normally associate with an airport transit area.

Dining area.

You can find large comfortable sofas in almost every nook and cranny of the lounge. We can expect the lounge to easily satisfy the needs of the most demanding travellers in terms of the seating arrangement.

Large throne sofa chairs.

Food and Drinks

Here comes the highlight of the night. We’ve been looking forward to the dining options here in the Qatar Premium Lounge as it’s famous for its high-quality a la carte options.

Diners can scan the QR code on every table to view the menu. The full menu can be viewed here (this has since been updated).

Seared Tuna with Truffles.
Seared Tuna with Truffles.
Sticks of Satay.
Sticks of Satay.
Mushroom soup.
Mushroom soup.
Sushi platter.
Sushi platter.

For starters, we got the Satay, Seared Tuna with Truffle and a bowl of mushroom soup to share. In addition, we’ve also got the sushi platter as we were really craving some Asian food after being in Europe and South America for 3 months. The quality of the sushi platter was nothing to write home about, although the serving portions were quite generous.

The Seared Tuna with Truffle was incredible and I had to order seconds after finishing my meal. The truffle taste was very strong and fragrant which added an additional layer of taste to the tuna.

Cod in Squid Ink Risotto.

For the mains, I got the Cod in Squid Ink Risotto and M got the Laksa. The risotto was a little tasteless, but the cod was well-cooked and delicious.

The Laksa came with a thick broth, a big departure from the typical watery soup commonly found in Laksas in the city. This made the broth a lot thicker and stronger in taste. If you’re a Laksa lover, this dish will definitely suit your taste pallet. The shrimp in the Laksa, on the other hand, tasted a little rubbery and wasn’t fresh.


For beverages, we each got a cup of mocktail. I got the Berry Twist which consists of blueberry, strawberry and raspberry while M got the Christmas Lights, a Christmas special mix.



The shower rooms in the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge are located within the toilets. During our visit, as the lounge itself was very empty, no waiting was needed for using the showers.

Shower amenities in the shower room.
Shower amenities in the shower room.

Diptyque, the popular fragrance brand, provides shower amenities and hand soap in the shower.

Towels are provided for guests.

Final Thoughts

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge Changi Airport Terminal 1

Food and Beverage


Without a doubt, the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge at Changi Airport’s Terminal 1 has got to be the best business class lounge in Changi. The overall ambience of the lounge, together with the food and beverage options made us feel like we were in a Michelin-starred restaurant rather than an airport lounge.


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