An overview of the Cathay Pacific Business Class Cabin.

Review: Cathay Pacific A350-900 Business Class

Taking Cathay Pacific’s Business Class is always an amazing choice provided you’re able to find redemption availability at a decent price.

It’s also a great way to get access to the amazing oneworld lounges in Changi Airport.

Right after our 3 month-long round-the-world trip, we headed to Xiamen, China for a short getaway with our family. As the trip was to happen in December, flight tickets were very expensive.

In addition, back when we were searching for our flights to Xiamen, Singapore Airlines had not yet resumed their direct Singapore to Xiamen flights. This meant that our options for the trip were very limited and expensive. A 1-way economy flight between the cities would have cost us S$300 which was too expensive in my opinion.

Lucky for points and miles, it gave us an additional option for booking our flights! This was how we found a reasonably priced business-class flight amidst the high travel season and booked it for our family trip to China.

This is a full review of our experience taking the Cathay Pacific A350-900 Business Class.

Booking the Flight

We booked our flight from Singapore to Xiamen using 25,000 Asia Miles and HKD 944 (US$120.66) in taxes and fees. This flight was booked in September 2023, shortly before the huge devaluation in Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles.

The redemption rate has since gone up to 28,000 Asia Miles to book the same flights that we did. We were also lucky to find available seats for a peak period like December.

If you’re living in Singapore, almost all credit cards transfer to Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles program. Our favourite cards to earn Asia Miles are the HSBC Revolution Card and UOB Lady’s Card.

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Check-In Process

Check-ins for Cathay Pacific flights in Singapore can only be done from Terminal 4. For those unfamiliar, terminal 4 is located quite a distance away from the other terminals.

If you do not have any baggage to check-in, there are self-check-in counters available. They are fast and convenient to use to get your boarding passes.

Lounge Access

Having a business class ticket on Cathay Pacific grants you access to all oneWorld lounges in Changi Airport. The problem is that Cathay Pacific departs from Terminal 4 and the other terminals are located pretty far away. There are no airside connecting skytrains and your only option is to take a shuttle bus which can take up to 30 minutes to get you to the other terminals.

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge dining area.
Qatar Airways Premium Lounge at Terminal 1.

Before our flight, we visited the Cathay Pacific Lounge in Terminal 4 and the Qatar Airways Premium Lounge at Terminal 1. Without a doubt, these are some of the best lounges in Changi Airport and you should visit them if you’re flying on any oneworld airlines.

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Seat Map

Seat map of Cathay Pacific's A350-900.

Cathay Pacific’s A350-900 flights feature a 1-2-1 reverse herringbone configuration for their business class cabins. There are a total of 38 flat-bed seats on the plane.

There are 2 sections in the plane for business class passengers. We’ll recommend selecting rows 11 to 19 because there will be less foot traffic during enplaning and deplaning. The Economy class passengers will be boarding through the entrances between rows 19 and 20, so there will be a lot of traffic there.

For our flight, we chose 14D and 14G as we wanted to try out the middle columns and sit beside each other throughout the flight.


All business class seats on the flight recline into fully lie-flat beds and are covered in green woven fabric to fit Cathay Pacific’s brand colours. In addition, every seat comes with a full-sized pillow to provide additional comfort especially when laid flat.

As it was a red-eye flight, our flight was not full and there were plenty of empty seats.

When sitting upright, there is a huge awkward gap between the seats and the legrest. I’m 174cm and I’m not able to reach the legrest if the seat is not in the lie-flat position.

Opening the handheld storage compartment, you’ll find a pair of noise-cancelling headphones and power ports for charging your devices. This is an international charging port, so you should not have trouble with it regardless if you’re using UK or US devices.

On top of that, there are also USB ports for additional charging convenience.

Located beside the seat, you get a full range of controls for your seat and a remote control for the in-flight entertainment (IFE).

I like the seat controls which are very intuitive and easy to use. The IFE controls are similar to other airlines so it should be fairly easy to navigate for frequent flyers.

In addition to the automatic controls, there are also buttons around the seats to configure privacy dividers and additional seat adjustments.

In a lie-flat position, the seat is very comfortable and perfectly fits my height (174 cm) and body size. This might be a problem if you’re taller or of a larger build as you might need to scrooch your body to sleep comfortably.

In-Flight Service

Coffee served in-flight.

As expected from Cathay Pacific, the service on the flight was impeccable.

Immediately after boarding, the staff promptly served all passengers a cup of bubbles as welcome drinks. Following that, we got a refreshing set of hot towels to prepare us for the flight ahead.

Throughout the flight, we were well taken care of by the crew and they responded to our every need promptly and with care.

Unfortunately, as this is considered a short-haul flight, there are no in-flight amenities available for passengers as a protocol. Despite that, the crew still provided us with earplugs and eye masks when we requested them.

In-Flight Entertainment

In-flight entertainment system and monitor in Cathay Pacific's A350-900 business class seats.

Every seat on the flight comes with an 18″ monitor which is pretty large for a monitor on a plane. However, a huge downside to this is its placement and where it faces the passenger.

As you can see in the photo above, the only way to reasonably view the monitor is to shift it. However, you are not allowed to shift the monitor during take-off and landing. This means that you’ll not be able to use the in-flight entertainment system throughout the entire take-off and landing procedure which can take a long time.

The in-flight entertainment system has plenty of movies and television shows to keep you occupied throughout your flight.

There is a whole selection of Disney+ animations and East Asian films and TV. There is a noticeable lack of Western content, so this might be an issue for some passengers.

Meal Service

As we were flying red-eye, we were served Cathay Pacific’s supper menu selections. It is a quick 3-course meal, starting with some fruits, a main course and ending with a dessert.

For our flight, there was a choice of Stir-fried chicken or Baked spiced barramundi for the main course. As we had 2 of us flying, we took 1 option each.

The food was served right after takeoff when the seat belt signs were off. This is great as it provides more time for rest after the meal.

Stir fried chicken with picked young ginger meal on the Cathay Pacific A350-900 flight.
Stir-fried chicken with pickled young ginger.
Baked spiced barramundi with tomato harissa sauce meal on the Cathay Pacific A350-900 flight.
Baked spiced barramundi with tomato harissa sauce.

Both main courses tasted great and it’s hard to choose between the 2.

  • The cover of Cathay Pacific A350-900's food menu.


There are 4 bathrooms allocated to the 38 business class passengers. The bathrooms are minimally decorated and do not come with many of the amenities that you’d expect in a premium cabin bathroom.

It is also one of the tiniest bathrooms I’ve experienced (I do not have an exact measurement, but it sure felt cramped when I was in it).

As for washing amenities, they are provided by Bamford, a sustainable spa brand from the UK which specializes in fragrance and body washes. Apart from that, there isn’t anything else that adds character to the area.

Final Thoughts

Cathay Pacific A350-900 Business Class

Pre-flight Experience
Meal Service
Seats and Comfort
In-flight Service


The Cathay Pacific flight features modern and updated seats which are very comfortable for long hours of flying. The great cabin crew service also made us feel very welcome throughout the flight.
Flying on Cathay Pacific is always a great option provided you’re able to find availability at a decent price.


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