Review: IASS Superior Lounge Narita Airport Terminal 1

One of the only remaining Priority Pass lounges in Tokyo’s Narita Airport. Despite it’s simplicity and lack of amenities, you might still visit as it might be your only option left.

The number of Priority Pass lounges in Tokyo, Japan has decreased significantly over the past few years. Members used to be able to access amazing lounges like the ANA Lounge and KAL Lounge in Narita Airport, even when they were not flying in the premium cabins of those airlines.

However, in recent years, these lounges have slowly pulled out of the program and we are now left with 2 lounges in the airport.

Basic Information

The IASS Superior Lounge at Narita Airport’s Terminal 1 is open daily from 07:30 AM to 09:00 AM.


The IASS Superior Lounge at Narita Airport’s Terminal 1 is on the 3rd floor, next to Gate 26. The lounge is very convenient if your flight’s gate is between 21 and 26. Commuting to Gates in the 30s or 40s will take about 10 minutes of brisk walking.

Map of the IASS Superior Lounge in Narita Airport Terminal 1.

How do I access the IASS Superior Lounge?

Common Access Methods
Priority Pass Membership
DragonPass Membership
LoungeKey Membership

The IASS Superior Lounge at Narita Airport’s Terminal 1 is accessible to most lounge memberships. If you have a free lounge membership through a credit card, you should not face any issues accessing the lounge.

The entrance of the IASS Superior Lounge at Narita Airport terminal 1.

The Experience

As my flight was very early, I had to wait a little while before the lounge opened at 7:30 AM. Shortly before the opening hours, the queue got very long.

It took another 5 minutes of waiting from opening for me to check in and enter the lounge properly. It’s pretty quick considering the number of people in front of me.

The IASS Superior Lounge is not big, in any sense of the word. When you first enter the lounge, you can immediately see the other side of it.

Despite the small footprint, the lounge has plenty of seats and tables. Almost every inch of the space is maximised for capacity.

Within 10 minutes of the opening, most seats were taken. I don’t think it reached a point where people were turned away at the entrance, but this might be a problem if you’re flying at more busy periods of the day.


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The internet in the IASS Superior Lounge is what you’d expect in Japan, fast and reliable. You’d have no trouble taking video conference calls or downloading your favourite Netflix shows before boarding the plane.

Food and Drinks

I would categorise the food selection in the IASS Executive Lounge as snacks rather than a full meal. There are only a few selections of finger bites such as Inaris, Mochis and bread.

If you’re feeling hungry, the lounge provides cup soba noodles which taste good and some hot miso soup.

Despite its lack of variety in the food department, the IASS Lounge managed to have quite a selection of beverage options. Similar to the ANA Lounge that I visited previously, there is a beer dispenser, good for travellers looking to get their last Asahi hit before leaving the country.

Final Thoughts

IASS Superior Lounge Narita Airport Terminal 1

Food and Beverage


A very basic and minimal lounge that gets the job done. Given the lack of accessible lounges in Japanese airports for Priority Pass members these days, this might be one of your only options left.


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