KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes

KrisFlyer Spontaneous Escapes February 2024

This month’s special edition of Spontaneous Escapes is here! In addition to the longer than usual travel period and the longer than usual list of cities, it contains some rare cities in Japan, South Africa and New Zealand!

It’s the time of the month when Singapore Airlines announces its monthly Spontaneous Escape promotion! With this promotion, you can save 30% off your award redemptions with Singapore Airlines.

This month’s Spontaneous Escapes is especially exciting as it coincides with KrisFlyer’s 25th Anniversary celebrations. As a teaser, it was noted earlier that this month’s edition of the promotion will include travelling in both March and April.

What is the Spontaneous Escapes?

Spontaneous Escapes is a promotion by Singapore Airlines where they’ll offer award redemption rates at 30% off the standard Saver award tickets to selected destinations. The flights have to be flown on the following month, and therefore spontaneous!

This is usually the best opportunity to make your hard-earned KrisFlyer miles go even further. You can often find amazing deals assuming you can take off on a moment’s notice (or a month). In this month’s case, that’s 2 months notice!

For the spontaneous escapes promotion this month, you’ll have to book your ticket by 29th February 2024 and fly between 1st March 2024 to 30th April 2024.

Good Deals for February 2024

These are some of our top picks for the month. We’ll generally try to go for longer business-class flights as compared to short economy-class flights when redeeming our miles to fully maximise their value.

This month’s Spontaneous Escapes contains some rare Pokemons, specifically to the Japanese cities of Nagoya and Fukuoka in Business class and Tokyo and Osaka in Economy. We’ve rarely seen Japan in Spontaneous Escapes before so this is quite incredible. However, there is a long blackout period for those cities from 1 March – 14 April which is the busy Sakura season.

In addition, we also see amazing KrisFlyer redemption cities like Johannesburg and Auckland make an appearance. Your miles go very far with these redemptions as the flights are more than 10 hours each. We’ve previously redeemed a Spontaneous Escapes promotion for Johannesburg so you can check out our full experience here.

RouteClassMiles (one-way)
Singapore to NagoyaBusiness36,400
Singapore to FukuokaBusiness36,400
Singapore to JohannesburgBusiness39,550
Singapore to CairnsBusiness47,950
Singapore to Sydney (inbound only)Business47,950
Singapore to Auckland (outbound only)Business47,950
Singapore to Christchurch (outbound only)Business47,950
Singapore to Paris (inbound only)Business72,450
Singapore to Brussels (inbound only)Business72,450
Singapore to Tokyo (outbound only)Economy18,900
Singapore to Osaka (outbound only)Economy18,900

Full List of Destinations

This is the full list of destinations available this month on Spontaneous Escapes.

If a route A to B is indicated as outbound, it means there are only flights available from A to B. If it is indicated as inbound, it means there are only flights available from B to A.

South East Asia

RouteEconomy Miles (one-way cost)Premium Economy Miles (one-way cost)Business Miles (one-way cost)
Singapore to Kuala Lumpur5,95014,700
Singapore to Bali5,95014,700
Singapore to Jakarta5,95014,700
Singapore to Brunei5,950
Singapore to Surabaya5,95014,700
Singapore to Penang5,95014,700
Singapore to Medan5,950
Singapore to Bangkok9,450
Singapore to Phuket9,450
Singapore to Cebu9,45016,800
Singapore to Manilla9,45016,800
Singapore to Ho Chi Minh City9,45016,800
Singapore to Yangon9,45016,800

North Asia

RouteEconomy Miles (one-way cost)Premium Economy Miles (one-way cost)Business Miles (one-way cost)
Singapore to Beijing15,05024,15030,100
Singapore to Shanghai15,05024,15030,100
Singapore to Hong Kong18,55023,800
Singapore to Shenzhen11,550
Singapore to Guangzhou11,550
Singapore to Xiamen11,550
Singapore to Chengdu11,550
Singapore to Seoul18,900
Singapore to Nagoya18,90036,400
Singapore to Fukuoka18,90036,400
Singapore to Tokyo (Outbound only)18,900
Singapore to Osaka (Outbound only)18,900

West Asia and Africa

RouteEconomy Miles (one-way cost)Premium Economy Miles (one-way cost)Business Miles (one-way cost)
Singapore to Ahmedabad14,000 (outbound only)30,100 (outbound only)
Singapore to Bangalore14,000 (inbound only)30,100 (inbound only)
Singapore to Chennai14,000 (outbound only)30,100
Singapore to Dhaka14,00030,100
Singapore to New Delhi14,000 (outbound only)30,100 (outbound only)30,100 (outbound only)
Singapore to Hyderabad14,000 (outbound only)30,100 (outbound only)
Singapore to Kochi14,000 (inbound only)
Singapore to Mumbai14,000 (outbound only)24,150 (outbound only)30,100 (outbound only)
Singapore to Kolkata14,000 (outbound only)
Singapore to Malé14,000
Singapore to Johannesburg20,30030,10039,550

Southwest Pacific

RouteEconomy Miles (one-way cost)Premium Economy Miles (one-way cost)Business Miles (one-way cost)
Singapore to Melbourne21,350 (inbound only)35,700
Singapore to Sydney21,35035,70047,950 (inbound only)
Singapore to Auckland35,700 (outbound only)47,950 (outbound only)
Singapore to Christchurch47,950 (outbound only)
Singapore to Darwin15,050
Singapore to Cairns21,35047,950


RouteEconomy Miles (one-way cost)Premium Economy Miles (one-way cost)Business Miles (one-way cost)
Singapore to Istanbul29,400
Singapore to Frankfurt29,40049,700 (inbound only)
Singapore to London29,400
Singapore to Copenhagen29,400 (inbound only)49,700 (inbound only)
Singapore to Munich29,400 (inbound only)49,700 (inbound only)
Singapore to Zurich29,400 (inbound only)49,700 (inbound only)
Singapore to Brussels49,700 (inbound only)72,450 (inbound only)
Singapore to Paris29,400 (inbound only)49,700 (inbound only)72,450 (inbound only)


RouteEconomy Miles (one-way cost)Premium Economy Miles (one-way cost)Business Miles (one-way cost)
Frankfurt to New York17,500 (outbound only)36,40056,700
Manchester to Houston17,500
Singapore to San Francisco29,400 (outbound only)52,500 (inbound only)
Narita to Los Angeles26,950 (inbound only)51,500 (inbound only)
Singapore to New York56,350 (inbound only)

Not all of the dates within the month are available for each route. Check out Singapore Airline’s link here for the full list of blackout dates

How to Book a Spontaneous Escapes Rate?

  1. You can only book the rate through Singapore Airlines’ Mobile App or official website.
  2. Log in to your KrisFlyer account and check the Redeem flights box when searching for your flight.
  3. Select the desired flight route, depart date and class of service.
Searching for a redemption flight on Singapore Airline's website.

4. If a route is available on Spontaneous Escapes, it will show up as a special Promo From… rate.

Booking a Spontaneous Escapes Rate.
  1. Select that and go through the standard booking process.

What Card to Use For Fees?

When redeeming award flights, you’ll usually have to pay a small fee for taxes and tariffs. Although these typically do not go for more than S$100 for Singapore Airlines, it’ll still be good if we can optimise our spending here.

Below are some of our favourite credit cards to use to pay for taxes and fees when redeeming award flights on Singapore Airlines.

CardMiles Per Dollar (mpd)Review
UOB Lady’s / UOB Lady’s Solitaire (travel category selected)6ReviewApply
DBS Woman’s World Card4ReviewApply

Basic Rules of Spontaneous Escapes

  1. All fares booked through the Spontaneous Escapes Rate are strictly non-changeable and cancellable unless cancelled by Singapore Airlines themselves. You’ll have to forfeit your ticket should you not be able to fly on the booked flight.
  2. You can only book the rates through Singapore Airlines’ Mobile App or website.
  3. You’ll need to have the full amount of miles needed in your KrisFlyer account at the time of booking. You cannot book part of the tickets with cash and part of it with miles.

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