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Review: Muscat Primeclass Lounge

This is our full review of the Muscat Primeclass Lounge.

Muscat Primeclass Lounge

Food and Drinks


The Primeclass Lounge in Muscat International Airport is probably the best Priority Pass Airport Lounge we’ve ever visited throughout our travels.


Basic Information

The Muscat Primeclass Lounge is managed by the Primeclass Group, which owns over 80 lounges across the world. These lounges operated are commonly found in the Middle East and Europe.

The lounge is open 24 hours 7 days a week, so you will be able to access it regardless of the time of your flight.

How to access the Muscat Primeclass Lounge

There are plenty of ways to access the Muscat Primeclass Lounge.

Popular Access Methods
Pay per entry, 25 OMR per person
Priority Pass membership
Lounge Key membership
Premium cabin with various airlines such as Qatar, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, KLM

If you have a lounge membership through credit cards, you should not have any issues accessing the lounge.

Each lounge visit entitlement grants you 3 hours in the lounge. Additional fees will be charged if you want to extend your stay beyond the 3 hours.

However, if you’re using lounge memberships like the Priority Pass to enter the lounge, there’ll be no additional charges to extend your visit beyond 3 hours. You just have to inform the staff during the check-in.


The Primeclass Lounge is located at the level 5 atrium in Muscat International Airport’s departure terminal. Other than the Primeclass Lounge, there’s also the Oman Air Lounge and Aerotel Hotel at the same atrium.

Once you’ve cleared immigration, there are clear signs throughout the terminal that will lead you to the elevators that bring you up to the atrium.


My first impression of the lounge was that it was gigantic. There were plenty of open spaces, even at the check-in area.

As you complete your check-in and walk into the lounge proper, you’ll be greeted by plenty of artwork and displays.

Throughout our time in the lounge, the service was impeccable. The staff will promptly clear any used utensils as soon as the food is finished. They also strike up small conversations and offered to help us with any needs that we had.

Food and Drinks

There is a wide variety of food options available here in the Primeclass Lounge. The food quality is as good as it gets for airport lounge food.

There’s also a bar counter where you can order alcohol and espresso coffee from the barista. If you prefer, there are also coffee machines which you can use to make your own coffee or tea.



The shower rooms are located at the back of the lounge. They are small and do not win any awards for their appearance. However, they are good enough to get the job done.

No reservations were needed for showers. It wasn’t a problem during our visit as there was no one using it, but this can get problematic in times of high guest traffic.


There is free Wi-Fi throughout the Primeclass Lounge and it works pretty well.

Download40.6 Mbps
Upload40.8 Mbps
Ping9 ms

The WiFi speeds are not the fastest out there but are decent enough to handle most common use cases like video streaming and video calls.

Game Area

If you have some time before your flight, there is even an entertainment area at the corner of the lounge for folks to unwind.

There’s a wall of TVs casting sports games with comfortable sofa seating. I questioned the practicality of having many TVs showing the same program. It reminded me of a TV showroom rather than an entertainment area. They probably built this during the Olympics when they had to show multiple sports at the same time.

Private Business Rooms

There are even private rooms with monitors available for guests who want to get some work done while waiting for their flights. This is great if you need to take important calls as the public areas might be too noisy.

Lounge Areas

There are multiple areas to relax in within the Primeclass Lounge.

The massage and nap chairs are located at the far corner of the lounge. It is quite a distance from the main dining area, so I would imagine many guests would have missed them during their visit.


The Primeclass Lounge in Muscat International Airport is one of the best Priority Pass airport lounges we’ve ever visited. It has incredibly large spaces, amazing service quality and great amenities.

The food isn’t the best in terms of quality, but its variety certainly makes up for it. We only wish that the lounge was located in a larger transit hub like Qatar or Dubai as compared to Muscat which has generally less air traffic.

Nevertheless, Oman is an incredible country and if you’re flying out, you should definitely visit this airport lounge!

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