Amazing deal: Purchase Air Canada Aeroplan Miles with 125% Bonus

It is a great opportunity to purchase Air Canada’s Aeroplan Points with a 125% bonus!

Do not overlook this frequent flyer program as you can often use fewer points than the KrisFlyer program to redeem for the same Singapore Airlines flights.

Air Canada 40th Anniversary

Air Canada recently announced its 40th anniversary celebrations and many promotions came with it. As its Aeroplan program is one of our favourite FFPs, we kept a close look at what it has to offer.

What stood out to us was the Aeroplan points purchase bonus program that runs between 8th July and 19th July.

Promotion banner for Air Canada's points purchase bonus.

From 8th July to 11th July 2024, you can get up to 125% bonus Aeroplan points when you purchase Air Canada’s Aeroplan points. Following that, from 12th July 2024 to 19th July 2024, that bonus drops to 100% which is still pretty good!

At 125%, you can effectively purchase an Aeroplan point at 2 Singapore cents each which is a steal! We personally value Aeroplan points very highly given the versatility and sweet spots that it has in the Asia region.

Link to purchase Aeroplan points.

The bonus that you will receive depends on how many points you are purchasing.

Number of Aeroplan PointsBonus Amount
3,000 to 20,00060% bonus
25,000 to 50,00085% bonus
60,000 to 500,000125% bonus

There is a limit of 500,000 Aeroplan Points that you can purchase in a single calendar year.

What can I do with Aeroplan Points?

You might be wondering why we are talking about Air Canada, a country so far away that has barely any flights to Singapore. The thing is Air Canada is part of the Star Alliance, which means that you can earn and redeem its Aeroplan points on other Star Alliance airlines like Singapore Airlines, ANA and EVA Airways.

Air Canada’s Aeroplan program often offers better redemption rates on the same flight when compared to Singapore Airlines’s KrisFlyer program. In addition, the Aeroplan program has an amazing stopover perk where you can add a stopover of up to 45 days to your route for just 5,000 points.

Singapore to Japan in Business Class

This is one of the most popular routes in the region. There are daily direct flights operated by Singapore Airlines to major Japanese cities like Tokyo, Osaka and Fukuoka.

If you were to redeem the flight on business class with the KrisFlyer program, that would set you back 52,000 miles each way for the Saver Award. However, it will only cost 45,000 Aeroplan points for the same flight operated by Singapore Airlines.

Singapore Airline’s KrisFlyer
Air Canada’s Aeroplan

Singapore to Australia in Business Class

Another favourite destination for Singaporeans is Australia. Similarly, it costs less in Aeroplan points than Singapore Airlines’s KrisFlyer miles to book business class flights to a couple of East Coast cities.

It costs 68,500 KrisFlyer miles each way on Saver while it only costs 45,000 Aeroplan points for the same flight. This is a 35% difference in points needed!

If you were to purchase Aeroplan points for this flight, it would cost S$900 which is quite an arbitrage as compared to buying a revenue ticket.

Singapore to Europe in Business Class

It notoriously costs a lot of miles to redeem for Singapore Airlines’ business class flights to popular European destinations with KrisFlyer. We also think it’s not a great value to redeem your hard-earned miles on these routes.

Fortunately, it costs a lot less to redeem for the same flights with Air Canada’s Aeroplan program. It costs 103,500 KrisFlyer miles each way on Saver Award with KrisFlyer and only 80,000 Aeroplan points with Air Canada! That’s a 25% difference in points needed.

What Card to use to Purchase Points?

All points purchases are completed through the portal and not Air Canada’s website. Therefore, they are typically coded an MCC of 7399 (business not elsewhere classified).

For Air Canada’s Aeroplan specifically, you will be charged in Canadian Dollars. This means that there will be a foreign currency conversion that you will need to account for.

Citi Rewards (with Amaze)4S$1,000
UOB Visa Signature4S$2,000
HSBC Travel One2.4

Final Thoughts

This is a great opportunity to purchase Air Canada’s Aeroplan points at a 125% bonus. Air Canada’s Aeroplan program is one of our favourite frequent flyer programs due to the possibility of making great redemptions within the Asia Pacific region.

It is typically very difficult to earn a substantial amount of Aeroplan Points in Singapore through credit card spending. Therefore, this is one of the most effective ways to acquire a substantial amount of Aeroplan points.

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