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Miraku Omakase Dinner Review

Miraku Omakase is a relatively new entrant to the Singapore Omakase scene. It opened in 2019 and has received high reviews from its patrons ever since.

Japanese cuisine is one of our favourite cuisines, especially fresh sashimi. To experience the best sashimi, one has to look into Omakase meals.

Omakase (お任せ), literally means “I’ll leave it up to you”. The specific dishes you’ll be having are chosen by the chef. Most often, this translates to you getting the freshest ingredients of the season.

To celebrate M’s birthday last week, we decided to visit the restaurant and give its popular Miraku Omakase dinner set a try.


The menu at Miraku Omakase
The menu at Miraku Omakase
Source: mirakusg.com

There are 2 options available for dinner. The Miraku Omakase and the Miraku Sushi Omakase.

M and I both chose the Miraku Omakase set as we wanted to try the signature Hokkaido Wagyu Sukiyaki (spoiler alert: it did not disappoint).

Mask envelope to keep your mask.

As part of safe distancing measures, occupancy in the restaurant has been reduced by half. This makes it even harder to get a dining reservation in this small and cosy restaurant.

PRO TIP: Make your reservation at least a month out to secure your spot.

The Experience

Seasonal Appetizer

Appetizer at Miraku Omakase.
Eating uni straight out of an uni shell.
Eating uni straight out of fresh uni shell.

Eating a uni straight out of a uni shell was a really unique and interesting experience. The serving of uni was generous and the sweetness of the jelly complemented the natural taste of the uni very well.

Seasonal Chawan mushi

Chawan Mushi with Vinegar.
Chawan mushi with vinegar.

Assorted Sashimi (5 types)

Appetiser at Miraku Omakase.
Assorted sashimi.

We have to give special mentions to the prawns and the fatty tuna in the assorted sashimi dish.

The prawns were incredibly sweet and sticky. It felt as though we were eating jelly instead of seafood.

Hokkaido Wagyu Sukiyaki

Wagyu with Egg.
Wagyu with egg, soaked in sukiyaki sauce.

The thin slices of wagyu beef come with egg and sukiyaki sauce. Each bowl includes 3 pieces of beef.

This was undoubtedly the best dish of the entire meal and the best pieces of beef I’ve ever had.

Soaked in Sukiyaki sauce and egg, the flavours of the beef were accentuated rather than overpowered which was rather surprising. The meat didn’t require much chewing or biting as it simply melted the moment it reached my mouth.

Wagyu beef grade A4

While the chef was preparing the dish for other diners, we requested to snap a photo of raw beef before they were boiled. The marbling on the meat was magnificent.

Shout out to our chef who made our experience at Miraku memorable.

Sushi (9 types)

Tuna Sashimi.
Uni gunkan sushi at Miraku Omakase.
Uni gunkan sushi at Miraku Omakase.

Like any other Omakase restaurant, the chef carefully describes the ingredients that goes into each and every dish.

Egg yolk with sashimi. Before preparation.
Egg yolks wrapped with otoro sashimi.

A special dish where they combined egg yolks with otoro sashimi. The saltiness of the yolk and the sweetness of the fish complemented each other very well.

Egg yolk with sashimi.
Egg yolk with sashimi.

Every piece of fish served was fresh, fat and juicy. The chef did not have to add any strong flavours (typically mentaiko sauce) to the sushi to bring out its taste.

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We observed that the time pause between each dish served was carefully managed. Unlike other Omakase establishments that we have visited where they tend to serve up 1 dish right after the other, Miraku provides sufficient time between each sushi for us to savour and digest the food.

Tamagoyaki Cake.
Tamagoyaki castella cake.

To end off the sushi course, we were given the sweet and fluffy Tamagoyaki castella cake.

Uni Ikura Bowl

Uni Ikura Don from Miraku Omakase restaurant.
Uni ikura don.

Following that was a bowl of uni ikura don. The chef specially created a much larger bowl which has pieces of tuna for M as it was her birthday celebration. We appreciated this special gesture by the restaurant.

At this point, we were already very full from all the dishes so we took a long time to finish the don.


Oyster soup, the final dish at Miraku Omakase restaurant.
Oyster soup.


The dessert at Miraku Omakase.
Dessert. A special cheesecake for M for her birthday.

The dessert comes with freshly cut Japanese food. On top of the special Ikura Don, the staff also specially prepared a cheesecake for M for her birthday!

How to get to Miraku Omakase

The restaurant is located at 3 Pickering Street.

It is very centrally located and easily accessibly by public transport. The nearest MRT stations would be Chinatown Station, Raffles Place Station and Telok Ayer station.

Final thoughts

We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Miraku Omakase. In short, this was one of the best omakase experiences we ever had and one we can’t stop recommending to our friends.

The food was unique and fresh. There wasn’t a single dish where I wasn’t blown away by its quality or taste. I really appreciated the way they blended different tastes together to deliver a well-rounded dish.

The chef and serving staff were very friendly and had a high level of attention to detail. We were able to have small conversations with them which felt like talking to a close friend. In an omakase meal, we feel that the interaction with the staff is as important as the quality of the food.

We will highly recommend Miraku Omakase to anyone looking for a high-quality omakase meal in downtown Singapore.

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You can check out the recently reopened Railway Corridor!

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