Review: Moxy Milan Malpensa (MXP) Airport

Moxy Milan MXP Airport: Booking

I was travelling out of Milan on an early 9 am flight, and I didn’t want to spend an additional night in the city centre as Milan is expensive. Therefore, as I was planning my trip, I did my search on the hotels near Milan’s MXP Airport.

It was also the start of the new year, which means my loyalty status progress with the various programs just restarted. I, therefore, focused my search on Marriott properties where I’m aiming to requalify again for the Platinum Elite status the following year.

There are 2 Marriott properties within the Malpensa Airport vicinity, namely the Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport and the Sheraton Milan Malpensa Airport. The main reason for me ultimately going with the Moxy was that it was almost 2.5 times cheaper and it had a higher Google review.

Given that I had to check out earlier anyway for my flight the next day, the Moxy was a clear choice.

I paid a total of €76.75 (US$83.13) for a night of stay as we’ve already exhausted most of our Bonvoy points in our previous stays.

Moxy Milan MXP Airport: Location

The property is located beside Terminal 2 of Milan’s main Malpensa (MXP) Airport. For travellers, do note that most flights arrive and depart from Terminal 1 instead. Therefore, you’ll have to buffer in extra travel time when commuting to and from your flight.

There is a shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes between the 2 terminals, and the trip takes about 15 minutes. So you can be looking at potentially 35 minutes of additional travel time.

Moxy Milan MXP Airport: Check-in

Checking in at the Moxy was relatively fast and straightforward. I arrived at 3:30 pm, well over the check-in time of 3 pm.

As I’d already done the mobile check-in through the Marriott’s mobile app, I had to simply head to the front desk and check my identifications checked.

During check-in, I tried to request for a room upgrade as I noticed that the occupancy that day was fairly low. I did not think the staff fully understood my request as he started explaining to me the perks of my room.

I was also told that Moxy properties do not have free breakfasts included despite being a Marriott Bonvoy Platinum Elite member. It would cost me $15 if I were to go for it in the morning. This is one of Marriott’s complicated breakfast policies and I understood it.

The staff instead gave me a US$10 food & beverages credit which I appreciated more as I could use it for dinner that night and visit the airport lounge for breakfast instead.

Moxy Milan MXP Airport: Sleeper Room

I checked into the Moxy Sleeper Room which was the standard room of the property. The room sits at 19 sqm which is fairly typical for a standard business hotel room.

The main bedroom.

The 42′ TV is fairly modern and features Chromecast capabilities. However, I wasn’t able to successfully connect to it, both with my iPhone and Macbook.

The bedroom from the bed's angle.
The bed in the Sleeper Room.

Following Moxy’s branding, the hotel features edgy and modern decorations. It certainly isn’t my style as I always got a shock whenever I exit the bathroom.

Creepy art work in the room.

Sleeper Room: Bathroom

The bathroom in the sleeper room felt like it was stuck in the 90s or the early 2000s. The flooring was beige tiles and the walls were vinyl wood. This made the bathroom appear a lot darker than it actually was.

The bathroom in Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport's Sleeper Room.

Bathroom amenities are in-house and I did not notice any branding on them. The shower pressure and water temperature were perfect which made for a really great shower during my stay.

The shower area in Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport's Sleeper Room.
The shower area in Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport's Sleeper Room.

Moxy Milan MXP Airport: Restaurant

The restaurant on the property is located right beside the check-in lobby. In the restaurant, there’s a grab-and-go and a sit-down section.

The prices of the food sold there are fairly reasonable and in line with prices in the city. Mains go for €8-€13 while drinks go for €2 to €5.

Grab-and-go section in Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport. There is a wide variety of food available here.
Wide variety of food is available in the Grab-and-Go section.

The grab-and-go section is open 24/7, so guests do not have to worry about feeling hungry in the middle of the night.

Grab-and-go section in Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport. There is a wide variety of food available here.
Wide variety of food is available in the Grab-and-Go section.
A co-working area beside the restaurant.
A co-working area beside the restaurant.
Restaurant area in Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport.

The entire atmosphere in the property feels like a chic hostel where groups of friends can hang out and chill in the lobby. However, given its location and probably the season in which I’m travelling in, most of the facilities were just sitting idle.

Restaurant area in Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport.
The restaurant/lounge area.

As for me, I got myself a Moxy Burger and Aperol Spritz which came up to €14 (US$15.16). There was a slight confusion with the waiter as she told me that my food and beverages credit could only be used for drinks. It was the reason why I ordered the Aperol Spritz even though I didn’t really enjoy alcohol. It was only during check-out that I noticed that they reduced the entire bill by US$10.

The chips tasted crispy and potato-y, one of the best chips (fries) I’ve had in Italy thus far.

The Moxy Burger that I got for my dinner when I stayed in Moxy Milan Malpensa Airport.
Moxy Burger seems to be their signature dish.


Despite the multiple hiccups I’ve had with the staff, I would think that Moxy Milan is a good option for a quick stay near the Malpensa (MXP) Airport. If given a choice and if I was in the same situation again, I would definitely book this property over any other properties near the hotel.

Although if you’re thinking of staying here, do note that there are no gyms or fitness centres onsite. Therefore, this will make for a terrible choice if you’re thinking of staying here for more than a couple of nights.

That said, I wouldn’t think it will be worth paying more than double the price for a night in the Sheraton for a night or 2 to crash in.

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