Entrance Barcelona VIP Sala Lounge

Review: Barcelona (BCN) Terminal 2 Sala VIP Canudas Lounge

The Barcelona El Prat Airport has 2 operating terminals. Terminal 2 mainly operates flights from low-cost carriers to nearby European countries whereas terminal 2 operates everything else.

In terms of lounge options in both terminals, terminal 1 boasts 4 lounges whereas terminal 2 only has 1. Fortunately, it was a lounge that I was able to gain access to for free with Priority Pass through my Capital One Venture X card.

Do take note that there are a couple of other Sala VIP lounges in BCN Terminal 1. However, the 2 terminals in BCN Airport are not well connected and it takes a long time to get between them. Therefore, I’d not recommend anyone visiting a lounge in a different terminal from the one you’re flying out of.

The Sala VIP Canudas lounge is located right after immigration. Therefore, if you’re just entering the airside, it’s almost impossible to miss it.

Walkway to the Sala VIP Canudas lounge in BCN Airport terminal 2.
Walkway to the Sala VIP Canudas lounge in BCN Airport Terminal 2.

BCN Sala VIP Lounge: Basic Information

Opening Hours: 06:00 am to 10:00 pm every day

How to get access to the BCN Terminal 2 Sala VIP Lounge

Visitors with the following lounge memberships can get access to the lounge for free.

  • Priority Pass
  • Diner’s Club
  • Lounge Key
  • Lounge Club
  • Dragon Pass
  • Business Class tickets with various Airlines

As with the rest of my lounge visits, I got in for free, courtesy of the Priority Pass membership provided by my Capital One Venture X Credit Card.

BCN Sala VIP Lounge: Environment

Upon entering the lounge, you’ll immediately notice that it’s huge and there’s ample free space.

My visit to the lounge was early in the morning at 6 am when the lounge was completely empty. Even though the information on Loungebuddy says that it only opens at 6:30 am, in reality, it opens slightly earlier at 6.

There are 3 distinct sections to the lounge, with 1 area for food, 1 area for lounging and 1 area for coworking.

The overall environment in Barcelona Terminal 2 VIP Sala Lounge.
The BCN VIP Sala Lounge.

BCN Sala VIP Lounge: Food

The spread of food in the VIP Sala Lounge is really good. There is a good mix of pastries, cold cuts and sandwiches. The options here are good enough to make for a full breakfast.

Hotdog bun and pastries.
Juices and dairy products are widely available in the VIP Sala Lounge.
A wide selection of juices and dairy products are available.
Pastries in the VIP Sala Lounge.
Pastries in the VIP Sala Lounge.

I’m glad that I visited the lounge very early in the morning as most pastries and sandwiches were just freshly made.

Pastries in the VIP Sala Lounge.

There is a wide variety of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks to choose from. Unfortunately, if you need water, they only have glass bottled water which means you won’t be able to take it with you out of the lounge.

Drinks options in the Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 VIP Sala Lounge

Unfortunately, as a non-alcoholic drinker, I always couldn’t appreciate the beers and wines in the lounges that I visit.

Drinks options in the Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 VIP Sala Lounge

As a result, I always make it a point to fully utilize the coffee machine in any lounges as much as possible. I’m glad to say that the coffee machine in the VIP Sala Lounge has a wide variety of options for coffee to choose from.

Coffee machine in the Barcelona Airport Terminal 2 VIP Sala Lounge
Coffee machine in VIP Sala Lounge Barcelona.
Local Sangre wine and Estrella beer.

BCN Sala VIP Lounge: Amenities

There are shower rooms in the lounge and it’s a truly amazing experience to be able to take a quick shower between flights.

As I’m one of the first visitors to the lounge that day, I was lucky to not have to queue for a shower room. From past experiences in various lounges, this wait can be as long as several hours.

Shower room in the lounge.

Also, probably as a result of being the first user of the day, the shower room was sparkling clean and dry.

Shower room in the lounge.

BCN Sala VIP Lounge: Conclusion

The Barcelona VIP Sala lounge is a worthy visit if you’re flying out of Barcelona Airport Terminal 2. Or rather, you don’t really have any other options as it is the only lounge in the airport.

I imagine that the lounge can get pretty busy in the peak hours of the day given that everyone with a Priority Pass Lounge membership will be visiting it. If you’re able to enter with sufficient capacity, it’s a good place to rest in before your flight.

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