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SingSaver Best Deal Guarantee Promotion

From 25 October 2023 to 30 November 2023, you are guaranteed to get the best deals for signing up for credit cards through SingSaver.

This post is written in partnership with SingSaver. However, all opinions are our own.

SingSaver just launched its newest promotion, aptly named the “Best Deal Guarantee” where they guarantee that you’ll receive the best deal (T&Cs applied) when you apply for any of their products.

During the period of the promotion, if you can find a publicly available offer on the same product that is higher than what SingSaver provides, SingSaver will pay you up to 2x the difference in offer value!* This ensures that you are getting the best deal available during this period.

How does the Promotion work?

The promotion guarantees that when you apply for any eligible products through SingSaver, you will be getting the best deal (T&Cs applied) available. If you’re able to find a public offer online provided by a competitor that is of a higher value, SingSaver will pay you up to 2x the difference in value between their offer and a Competitor’s offer. The Competitor can be any 3rd party financial aggregator (eg: MoneySmart, Seedly) or even the banks themselves.

Example Scenario

  1. You apply for an eligible product through SingSaver that gives you S$300 cashback.
  2. A week later, you saw an offer by a Competitor that offers S$350.
  3. You submit a claim to SingSaver for the promotion.
  4. You’ll receive an additional S$200 in reward on top of the original product’s offer! This brings your total bonus to S$500!

The reward will be distributed in the form of a Digital Grab Voucher. The maximum value of Grab Vouchers that you can earn is S$300.

Difference in value between SingSaver and CompetitorGrab Voucher Reward
< S$5S$10
S$5 – S$9.99S$20
S$10 – S$19.99S$40
S$20 – S$49.99S$100
S$50 – S$99.99S$200
> S$100S$300

Grab Vouchers can be used for any products that Grab provides, such as Grab Rides and GrabFood deliveries.

Promotion Period

The promotion is valid between 25 October 2023 and 30 November 2023.

Eligible Criteria for the Promotion

To be eligible for the promotion and the reward, there are a few simple requirements that you’ll have to fulfil. These are very simple criteria which you would have already fulfilled if you were signing up for a product through SingSaver.

  1. Be a Singapore Resident of at least age 18.
  2. Have a SingSaver account.
  3. Apply for an eligible product through SingSaver.
  4. Complete the SingSaver Rewards Redemption Form.
  5. Have the application be approved by the product provider/bank before the product’s promotion ends.
  6. Submit a claim to SingSaver via this link when you find a better deal elsewhere.
  7. Maintain the eligible product and not cancel it before the claim.

Applicable Products

Various financial products are participating in this campaign, including credit cards and insurance policies. However, we will focus on credit cards that earn frequent flyer miles since we think they provide the most value to us in terms of travel hacking.

Credit CardsOur ReviewApply
OCBC 90˚N Visa Card / MastercardReviewApply here
OCBC Titanium Rewards CardApply here
HSBC Revolution CardReviewApply here
HSBC TravelOne CardReviewApply here
Standard Chartered Journey CardReviewApply here
Travel Credit Cards

Travel Insurances

Allianz Travel Insurance (Single / Annual Trip)
FWD Travel Insurance (Single / Annual Trip)
MSIG Travel Insurance (Single / Annual Trip)
Starr Travel Insurance (Single / Annual Trip)
Etiqa Travel Insurance (Single / Annual Trip)
Singlife Travel Insurance (Single / Annual Trip)
AIG Travel Guard Direct (Single / Annual Trip)
Great Eastern Travel Insurance (Single / Annual Trip)
Allied World Singapore Travel Insurance (Single / Annual Trip)
HL Assurance HLAS COVIDSafe Travel Protect360

Important Things to Note

1. If the claim is deemed valid, you’ll receive the reward within 16 weeks.

2. Each person is only eligible for 1 successful claim, regardless of the number of eligible products applied for during the promotion period.

*For the full terms and conditions, check out the link here.


We find that SingSaver often provides the best offers for credit card sign-ups and this promotion just made that proposition even better.

With this promotion, you can apply for the cards that you have been eyeing while having the peace of mind that you’re getting the best deal available.

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