Our Miles Credit Card Strategy for 2024 in Singapore

We have always been strong advocates for using credit cards for spending. It offers better fraud protections, but the main value proposition for us is its ability to earn frequent flyer miles for free travel.

Since getting our first credit cards, we have earned a large stash of miles, allowing us to travel to different parts of the world without breaking the bank.

In just the past year alone, M and I have collectively taken 9 business class flights and 1 premium economy class flight redeemed with miles and points alone. This would have cost us tens of thousands of dollars should we have paid in cash instead.

We will be sharing the list of credit cards in our wallet that we use frequently in our day-to-day lives which helps us to gain our stash of frequent flyer miles.

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We publish our strategy at the start of every year. Check out our past versions here to see what has changed over the years.

2023 Miles Credit Cards Strategy

Before signing up for any cards, make sure to check out the latest credit card sign-up bonuses to ensure that you’re maximising any potential rewards.

Cards in our Wallet

UOB Lady’s Card / Lady’s Solitaire Card

Miles Earn Rate6 mpd (until 29 February 2024, then reverts to 4 mpd)
Monthly Spending LimitsS$1,000 (Lady’s) / S$3,000 (Lady’s Solitaire)
Bonus CategoriesSelect 1 or 2 spending categories for bonus miles earning.
Annual FeeS$196.20 (w/ 9% GST), typically waivable
Full ReviewApply Here

UOB caused a huge stir in the market in February this year when it increased the UOB Lady’s bonus miles earn rate from 4 mpd to 6 mpd. This is by far the highest earn rate you can have (if we exclude all the promotional earn rates) on a regular credit card.

The UOB Lady’s Cards were already some of the best credit cards to have given their miles-earning capabilities. In addition, the card was previously only available to the Ladies but that has since changed since July 2023.

Since then, I have signed up for one myself and immediately started taking advantage of the upsized miles-earning capabilities.

As M and I are planning our wedding banquet for next year in a hotel (which is under the Travel category), we both opened a card each and made monthly payments to maximise the number of miles we can earn from it.

The upsized earn rate is slated to end by 29th February 2024, so it stands to see that the card will remain in our wallet after that. Till then, we’ll make hay while the sun shines and earn as much of the 6 mpd as possible.

Citi Rewards Mastercard

Citi Rewards Mastercard
Miles Earn Rate4 mpd
Monthly Spending LimitsS$1,000
Bonus CategoriesOnline Spending (except Travel)
Annual FeeS$196.20 (w/ 9% GST)
Full ReviewApply Here

The Citi Rewards Mastercard is one of my favourite credit cards for many years now. It offers 4 mpd on almost all online purchases (excluding travel) which makes it very easy to rack up a ton of miles for our next business-class flight.

Citibank has one of the most airline transfer partners out of all the other banks in the market. It has some of our favourite frequent flyer programs like the EVA Air MileageLands, Turkish Miles & Smiles and British Airways Avios which are not available from other banks. This gives us a lot more flexibility in making our flight redemptions.

In addition, the Citibank Rewards Mastercard is one of the only 2 remaining credit cards that can be paired with the Instarem Amaze Card (more below). This supercharges our miles-earning capabilities especially when we’re traveling overseas or paying for foreign currency purchases online.

The biggest downside of the card would be its S$1,000 monthly bonus miles earning limit, but it’s not that bad for us given that both M and I have one card each, effectively doubling our monthly bonus miles limit.

DBS Woman’s World Mastercard

DBS Woman's World Mastercard
Miles Earn Rate4 mpd
Monthly Spending LimitsS$2,000
Bonus CategoriesOnline Purchases
Annual FeeS$196.20 (w/ 9% GST)
Full ReviewApply Here

The DBS Woman’s World Mastercard is our first choice when it comes to making online purchases including travel. It earns 4 mpd on all online purchases up to a generous S$2,000 a calendar month.

Even though both the Citi Rewards Mastercard and the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard earn 4 mpd on online purchases, we often choose to use the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard so as not to waste the monthly limits on the Citi Rewards Mastercard which can be used for offline purchases through the Amaze Card.

This is also the only card apart from the UOB Lady’s Card which we use for travel purchases such as airline tickets or hotel stays (which we spent a lot on this year).

HSBC Revolution Card

HSBC Revolution Card
Miles Earn Rate4 mpd
Monthly Spending LimitsS$1,000
Bonus CategoriesOnline Purchases, Contactless Payments for Travel, Department Stores, Supermarkets, Dining, Food Delivery, Transportation
Annual FeeS$0
Full ReviewApply Here

The HSBC Revolution Card is a great “everything else” card for me. It earns 4 mpd on many commonly used categories when paying by contactless or online, up to S$1,000 every month. This is one of the most fuss-free cards in the market to earn miles.

Because of the convenience, I’ll pass this card to my parents for household spending. They wouldn’t need to worry about optimising every spend and keeping track of the different MCCs of merchants.

Instarem Amaze Card

Instarem Amaze Card

The star of the show this year has to be the Instarem Amaze Card. We have travelled a lot this year and this card has been a real workhorse. We’ve used it extensively, pairing it with both the Citi Rewards Mastercard and the UOB Lady’s Card whenever we are overseas.

As a recap, the Instarem Amaze Card works as a debit card on the surface. When you use the card to pay for purchases, it routes the transactions to a linked credit card under the hood. This has multiple benefits.

The first is that you’ll avoid the bank’s hefty foreign transaction fees which are often north of 3.25% on top of any spread the bank may charge on the currency conversion when you’re paying in a foreign currency. Secondly, you get to convert “offline” transactions into “online” transactions which is great for cards like the Citi Rewards Mastercard which only offers 4 mpd on online transactions.

Even though the Amaze Card has undergone multiple rounds of nerfing this year, it continues to bring outsized value to us that we still use it on a majority of our purchases overseas.

Final Thoughts

The cards that I use every day have mostly stayed the same as compared to last year. The biggest difference would be the addition of the UOB Lady’s Card and the removal of the DBS Altitude Card due to the devaluation it got in the later parts of the year.

As the upsized miles earning capabilities for the UOB Lady’s Card will be ending on 29th February 2024, this strategy might change if the promotion is not extended.

The current set-up works very well in covering most of our spending habits which involve a lot of dining out and travel purchases. As of right now, if we can hit the limits every month, we’d stand to gain up to 34,000 miles per month per person which is an incredible earn rate.

In addition to these miles-earning cards, we also have another set of credit cards that we use primarily to gain access to Airport Lounges. Check out our full breakdown here!

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  1. Hi JS,

    Thx for sharing your experience.
    I am retired and my major credit card expenditure is for personal travel.
    I would like to know from your experience which credit card possibly has the best mpd for the following charges (in totality on one card);

    1. Cruise booking via Singapore travel agents (about SGD 15K-25K per year),
    2. On-line air-ticket (about SGD 5K-10K per year – 50% direct booking on Singapore airlines), and
    3. On-line hotel booking (about SGD 2K-4K per year – mainly via Agoda but no specific preference)

    Thx in advance.

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